European approval tests on vehicles

European type and individual approval test (E-mark, e-mark, type certificate) of vehicles (passenger car, truck, bus, agricultural tractor) and vehicle parts

JÁFI-AUTÓKUT has licenses to carry out qualifying European type approval tests on road vehicles – commercial, utility vehicles, passenger cars, motorcycles as well as tractors.
Our company is a designated centre of the European Economic Commission and the European Union for type approval and tests on vehicles and their parts according to the European regulations and directives.

On the list of ECE regulations JÁFI-AUTÓKUT is represented as a test centre and marked 7/C.
http://ec.europa.eu/enterprise/sectors/automotive/files/technical_services_hungary_en.pdf website shows the list of vehicle directives for which designated us by the European Union.
After our tests, if the vehicle or vehicle part meets the requirements the Hungarian National Transport Authority issues the EU type approval certificate.

  • Type Approval tests
    • on buses, trucks and trailers due to the EU Directive 2007/46/EC
    • on motorcycles due to the EU Regulation 168/2013/EU
    • on agricultural and forestry tractors specified in EU Directive 2003/37/EC
  • Approval tests on vehicle components in accordance with ECE regulations and EU directives
  • Raised speed test for buses (qualifying individual buses for driving by 100 km/h)
  • TEMPO 100 test for bus types (tire splitting at 100 km/h speed)
  • Ambulance car test by EN 1789:2007
  • Tests on restructured vehicles for individual permissions
  • Tests on trains, railway vehicles
    • Dynamic and static tests of train carriage seats by the regulation of UIC 566, 567
    • Strength tests on train structures
    • Train window tests (rain, dew point, durability) by UIC 566